Do you dream of relaxing with your other half, but the holidays are still a long way off? A good idea for a weekend for two will allow you to make that dream come true. A two-day trip out of town is obviously not the same as two weeks on a tropical island. However, a well-organised weekend in an interesting location will allow you to spend some time alone and get away from your everyday worries for a while. Below you will find 7 suggestions for both active holiday lovers and those who need to slow down a bit and relax.

A romantic weekend can be organised at any time of the year. It is true that in spring and summer, the weather is more conducive to leaving the house, but there are many places where you can have a nice time regardless of the weather conditions. There are also those that gain a unique atmosphere in autumn or winter. The first suggestion is quite neutral.

Remote house

These types of places have recently become very popular. More and more people appreciate the opportunity to relax away from others. It is the ideal option to calm down and be just the two of you. Close to nature, romantic walks and long conversations. It is hard for such a weekend not to be successful.

In summer, choose a cottage close to a lake. Cycling trips are also a good way to diversify. In winter, you can arrange a film screening or take photos and organise an evening of memories. Add a warm blanket, snacks and hot cocoa, tea or aromatic coffee. Romantic atmosphere guaranteed!

If you are willing (and able), you can go one step further and do an “electronic detox”. Cutting yourself off from the internet, smartphone and similar devices has a really relaxing effect. You will be able to fully focus only on yourself. No one will get in the way of this idyll. It’s worth a try!

Active weekend full of excitement

Do you like to be active and can’t sit still? The following suggestions are sure to please you! The choice depends, of course, on your preferred dose of adrenaline. Some of the weekend attractions for thrill-seekers include

  • ATV or motocross riding,
  • Extreme gun shooting package for two,
  • Rope park,
  • Climbing wall,
  • Rally track or a ride in a luxury car,
  • Off Road expedition,
  • Horse riding,
  • Diving course,
  • Go-karts,
  • Tandem bungee jump,
  • Glider flight.

There are many possibilities. These types of attractions can be found both in the offer of specific facilities (e.g. a shooting range or a racetrack) and in gift voucher shops in the form of experiences. This is a great solution when you want to do something a little out of the ordinary together, but don’t fancy staying away from home. Great for couples with short as well as long term relationships. Adrenaline-pumping activities together bring you closer together. You are sure to remember such a weekend for years to come.

Romantic weekend for two – hotel, spa, gourmet dinner

Staying in a hotel is a very classic weekend idea for lovers. It may not be the most original way to spend time for two, but it is certainly very relaxing. It is also extremely versatile. Depending on your preferred location, you can choose a hotel in the mountains, on a lake or anywhere else. The time of year and weather conditions are not a limitation here either.

Spa weekend packages for two are now standard. Such a package usually includes a certain number of nights for 2 people, food, a relaxing massage and attractive discounts on beauty treatments. Resting in a comfortable hotel, relaxing together in the SPA, a romantic dinner with a bottle of wine…. Isn’t this the perfect idea for an unforgettable weekend for two?

Such an arrangement also gives you plenty of leisure options. When you feel like being more active, you can always go for a walk in the countryside, go to the swimming pool or enjoy the local attractions. It is definitely worth organising at least one weekend a year in this way. It’s the perfect option to celebrate your anniversary!

Weekend trip to the lake

There is a reason why we most often spend our holidays by the water. The lake and the sea are associated with carefree relaxation. A free weekend for two is a great opportunity to go somewhere like this. Depending on your tastes and budget, you can tailor the nature of your trip. Do you like adventure? You’ll love staying overnight in a tent. A night under the open sky and watching the stars together is a very romantic scenario. Do you like comfort? Choose a comfortable cottage near a lake. Stacja Kolczela is extremely popular, where you can spend a wonderful time with your loved one or larger family.

In addition to long talks and walks, try your hand at water sports. Canoeing, sailing, or perhaps a motorboat ride or windsurfing? There is something for everyone. A boat or pedal boat ride at sunset also sounds tempting. The beautiful landscape, the tranquillity and the sound of the waves are ideal conditions for lovers.

Romantic stay in the mountains

The mountains are one of the more popular destinations for couples. No wonder – the prevailing climate and extraordinary views are conducive to a romantic atmosphere. Such a trip also offers many opportunities. Active leisure enthusiasts can explore the mountain trails. And those who like to laze around can relax in a spa with a beautiful view of the mountains.

Moreover, such places are geared towards tourists all year round. As a result, you will find a wide variety of attractions nearby and will have a good time whatever the weather.

Historic towns – small journeys in a unique atmosphere

Places teeming with history that have a unique atmosphere. Beautiful old tenement houses inspire admiration. Many say that walking along the narrow streets of the historic city, they feel like characters from romantic films.

It is worth visiting especially in winter. During this period, the city is decorated with beautiful illuminations and Christmas markets are organised around the market square, which creates an unusual atmosphere. It is not without reason that many couples get engaged in such circumstances. It’s the perfect setting to spend an unforgettable two days together.

A culinary weekend for two

It’s a great idea for all couples, but will work particularly well for those with a longer relationship. Have you visited so many places together that you don’t feel like going away again, but would still like to have an interesting weekend? Then you might like to use the following suggestions:

  • Culinary workshops. The choice is really huge – for beginners and advanced alike. Italian cuisine, Thai cuisine, vege cuisine, fit cuisine, a sushi-making course, barista training, cheese-making and pastry-making workshops…. You are sure to find something that interests you. You’ll learn something new and taste delicious dishes at the same time.
  • Tasting dinner. During such a dinner you will have the opportunity to taste exquisite dishes prepared by an outstanding chef. Depending on the option chosen, the menu usually includes 6-8 dishes. The whole event is accompanied by atmospheric music. This idea will appeal particularly to culinary enthusiasts, although of course anyone can take advantage of it. Offers of this type include food tastings, as well as alcohol, confectionery or regional products. They can be found in gift voucher shops.
  • Restaurant in the dark. You will often come across the statement that when you lose one sense, the others sharpen. With a dinner like this, you can test this out. The restaurant is in total darkness, which provides a unique taste experience and whets the appetite. In addition, the menu remains a mystery, which makes such an experience even more exciting.

Choose one of the above suggestions and make it happen in one day, or take advantage of several and spread them over a whole weekend. You can plan such an event together, but it’s also a great gift idea for your other half. A shared experience is a more valuable gift than a gift in kind.

It’s time to plan weekends together!

With these suggestions, you will no longer be short of ideas for a weekend break. Whether you choose a romantic spa trip, an active holiday in the mountains or a culinary weekend, it’s worth planning early. The idea of a weekend for two is only the beginning. The best thing to do is to start 1-2 weeks beforehand. With good organisation, you will not forget anything and you will avoid unnecessary worries. You will be able to concentrate on yourselves and fully enjoy your time together.

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